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Our Strengths

Rollinit is your Champion: 

We want to learn about you first.

We want to understand who you are and what you do; we want to believe in your dreams.

We're both the first line of defence and the strategist planning the next attack.

Our skillset is vast but if we had to choose three key strengths, they would be the following: 

Eagle Eye

We see typos, spelling mistakes, improper grammar, extra spaces, even misalignment, everywhere we go. Despite feeling like a Super Power (at times), this level of observation can be quite annoying when you're reading a good book or exploring a menu! We see things you don't. We'll improve your copy and designs, guaranteed!


Working with Rollinit means that we truly want to get to know you and understand your business. It's through a strong connection that we can intuitively know what you need to grow and be successful. A happy client has Rollinit cheering from the front row. You become part of our community!

Hands On Experience

Having 17 years experience as a Graphic Designer is fabulous, agreed. Our experience extends beyond the computer! We've also done the production side of the biz via offset, digital & screen printing, bindery, finishing and installation. We have 23 years experience as a Project Manager, having multi-million dollar budgets on global stages. Practical knowledge + Book Knowledge + Industry Connections is a winning combination! 


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