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Projects in 2023

When we met Misty, her company, Enrich Yoga & Wellness, was a home-based yoga business. Misty hosted private sessions in her home and taught in various studios around Edmonton and the surrounding areas. She had a great website but wanted to hire us to zhuzh it up a little by evolving the design and improving the user experience. Misty wanted to explore the new technology available for building websites, specifically with the idea of establishing a members only area where she'd provide a library/archive of recorded classes. The start date of our open-ended contract was to be Feb 1, 2023.

Initially the scope for her new website was to include:

  • improve the look and feel of the website by applying consistent typography, alignment, design and navigation

  • establish a Brand Guide with set fonts, colours and vibes then deploy across the website

  • research new tech and possibly port the website to a new platform

  • create an archive/library for previously recorded yoga classes and research how to do live streaming on the website


The entire scope/focus and timeline for the collaboration pivoted during an impromptu video chat on Jan 21, 2023, when Misty revealed that she had just signed a one year lease on a storefront in Edmonton! Suddenly we had a hard ship date of March 30, 2023 - we had a grand opening happening on April 1st!

In addition to the initial scope, Misty now needed the following:

  • full course catalogue, gallery, blog, and wiki

  • team page with bios and photos

  • descriptive online schedule for the studio

  • online session booking that provided live reporting on capacity

  • ability to process payments for individual session fees, sell & maintain multi-class punch cards, sell & maintain monthly tiered memberships

  • pre/post launch marketing and the creation of digital and printed marketing materials

Working with Enrich Yoga & Wellness

has been an incredibly rewarding experience. 

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